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    Jinan DEGA Machine CO., LTD (DECALUMA) is well known company specialized in researching and manufacturing and sale of aluminum window and door machine,curtain wall machine.
    DECALUMA is our brand with the registered capital of 3 million RMB, which has more than 100 employees, and more than twenty technicians in the R&D team.
    DECALUMA adopts the advanced “solidworks”designation platform, until now has researched and developed 16 new high end products, which breaks the image of low end equipment in China.
    DECALUMA is our brand , All our machines has been exported more that 30 countries and areas , and more and more welcomed in those countries .In those years of persistence efforts,DECALUMA has been welcomed in home and abroad. After all , we will try our best to satisfy your mind.
    In 2007,DECALUMA started a long strategic cooperation with Italian ALTECH company, which has achieved customers benefit service mode of foreign machine domestic service in this industry field.
    In 2009, DECALUMA fully implement Customer Relationship Management System,which  guarantee customer management and product sales service.
    In 2011,DECALUMA get small and mid sized enterprise technology innovation fund from  National Science and Technology Bureau .
    In2012,DECALUMA got the financial support of aluminum alloy window & door automatic line project technology ,and got a number of patent of invention and utility modal patent.
    In 2012,DECALUMA was awarded as the“science and technology innovation project” enterprise by the national ministry of science and technology .
    After years of studying and researching in this field ,DECALUMA has ranked the top among the leading enterprises .In the future, as along with the numbers new products produce ,DECALUMA will bring more high quality machines for the customers.

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