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        Cutting centure LJQ2-MC-500×5000


    1. Used for automatically cutting aluminum profile of 45 degree, suitable for mass production.
    2. Automatic download the optimization data and processing parameter, without manual input and adjustment.
    3. The machine can automatically finished clamping, feeding, cutting the profile ,with a high degree of automation.
    4. The machine equipped with circulation feeding system, which highly improved the production efficiency.
    5. The manipulator can be finished the four pieces of profile cutting at the same time. What an high production efficiency.
    6. Imported spindle motor can processing high quality.
    7. The machine with linear motion guide rail, which make sure the high precision size.
    8. The machine parts all adopts the imported high quality electrical and pneumatic system components, thus the machine is stable and reliable
    9. The machine can be connected with computer, downloaded the software to create processing digital, and finished the CAD/CAM.
    10. The machine can be equipped with the bar code printer, thus can print the material identification, which can achieve the information identification, for well management of the material(software support)
    11. The machine equipped with automatic discharge system, easy to operation.
    12. The machine with the automatic material collection system, thus make the working environment clean and tidy.
    13. The machine with the 17 inches macro control screen, match with graphical interface, easy for your operation.
    14. This machine is particularly applicable to complex window batch production.

    Motor power


    Power supply

    Made to order

    Motor rotation speed


    Saw blade diameter

     D=500 d=30

    Overall dimension




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